Obedience Training

Obedience training builds the foundation for all dogs.


Puppy  Training.

We encourage new retriever owners to socialize their puppies the first 4 months of their lives. A proper socialized puppy is the first step to a well balanced dog.


Methods of Socialization


1Let the kids have them!  Kids provide the best socialization for  puppies. Kids  play with them, handle them and introduce them to their friends. Kids and puppies were made for each other.

2.  Take the puppy every were you go.......ball games, car rides, atv rides, the key is to introduce the puppy to as many different environments and people as possible.  Most pet friendly stores allow you to bring the puppy inside, a excellent way to socialize your  young dog.  Here is a few pet friendly stores that we know of:

 Petsmart                 Bass Pro Shop              Petco       


Most Pet Friendly stores require the puppy to be on a leash and make sure you are prepared to clean up  unplanned  accidents in the store.

3.  Finally,  puppies need to be socialized with other dogs. Puppies socialized with other dogs are less likely to be aggressive, timid, and withdrawn. Again.... the goal is to build a well balanced dog.




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